Thursday, April 20, 2006

Scenery Tools and Packages

The new scenery tool will work with scenery packages. Here are some details:

The new scenery tool will use a "working scenery package." This is a normal X-Plane scenery package (preferably in a custom scenery folder in an x-system folder) with an extra folder that contains the "in progress" materials - your working master copies of scenery that will be saved later as DSF files.

This way the scenery tool can easily find all of your objects (using the library system) and display them as you edit, and X-Plane can show the objects in the package. When you finish editing a scenery file, you export and the scenrey tool saves a DSF in the Earth nav data folder.

The idea is to provide a single folder containing all of the resources (in progress and finalized) for your scenery project in one place. When we were working on global scenery last year, we had several folders that could be in different places, and the result was total configuration chaos. With the package system, all of your work is together - easily backed up, shared with other authors, and kept separate from other versions or works in progress.

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