Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Years Resolution, sort of...

Normally I try to avoid saying anything about future releases; I find that pre-announcing things just induces Murphy's Law...something unexpected goes wrong, and people are disappointed when what we ship turns out to not be what we thought we shipped.

So at risk of getting myself into trouble, let me say this:

It is my goal to ship the first version of the graphical DSF overlay
editor concurrently with X-Plane 8.50.

That's an aggressive goal, because X-Plane 8.50's going to have a lot of features in it, so Austin and I are really busy right now. But hopefully by putting it out there, I can hold my own feet to the fire and get this important tool out to users!


SteelBlades said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lagb said...

Yes, I think that now it's an important point to have an editor of DSF files.
In France, we have some quality scenery makers who are waiting for the "new Worldmaker".
And ... we don't want to know this Murphy you speak of.
Good luck and Thank You.

Bertrand Augras said...

Thanks for your efforts, Ben... as lagb said, we're really waiting for this new tool. If you're not completely ready, we would be also very interested in beta releases just to tell you if that's what we are waiting for or not (even so, regarding your tools, I think it will be !).
A real tool for terrain editing in X-Plane 8 is really needed... You still have my entire support, Good luck and thanks for your nice work (always simple and really efficient).