Thursday, September 28, 2006


I've always thought we should come up with cool marketing names for new code in the sim. Look at ATI and nVidia. When they reduce the amount of VRAM on their cards and steal your system memory, they don't call it "hey, we're cheap bastards so we left off some chips and hijacked yours instead". Instead they call it "TurboCache™" (nVidia) or "HyperMemory™" (ATI). Don't those sound much better?

Perhaps we can call the new rain effect (due out in the next RC) "MegaRain XT" or, um, "HyperSpash GT" or "Virtual Droplet Technology (VDT)"? I don't think I'm cut out for a career in product marketing. Anyway, here are a few screenshots:

There will probably still be some camera angles where the rain looks weird; it's a compromise between image fidelity and framerate.

Apropos of nothing: Ami sent me this flash video. I must warn you...Chris described it as "the corniest flash I've ever seen"....and in the world of flash that truly says a lot. Think of it as the blue pill for your, um...bits. Anyone wanna make a flash video showing the virtues of MegaMoister 2.0? ;-)

(I promise the next blog entry will contain more information and less attitude!)


Marco said...

I vote for Virtual Droplet Technology (VDT).

Anonymous said...

I vote for GD-uYSTEV (Great Droplets - until You Switch To External View).