Thursday, November 29, 2007

A wide range of performance

One trend I'm seeing in the forums is a wide range of reports on X-Plane 9 framerate. I see both "X-Plane 9 runs faster than 8" and "it's so slow I can't fly at all."

In my experience this kind of situation is often due to hardware-specific performance issues...that is, X-Plane is doing something that is fast on one kind of GPU but slow on another. Once we figure out what the problematic operation is, we can replace it with something that's fast for everyone.

If you've got all of the eye candy turned off, everything on minimal, and are still getting 20 fps, that's not X-Plane 9 being a pig, that's something wrong with X-Plane 9 on your particular system. Please...try beta 3 when it comes out, then if it's still slow, report a detailed performance bug and we'll investigate.

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