Sunday, February 17, 2008

Road Trip

I'm going to be more or less out of the office next week - the Amichai Margolis band is playing a series of shows in Florida. I'm going to have to take the laptop - we're too close to going final to miss a week of bug reports, but hopefully the next beta will stick for a while. (Initial reports indicate that the video driver initialization changes we made are fixing crashes and not causing new ones.) There will be a beta 23 shortly to address other bugs.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the users who have helped me debug video card compatibility problems remotely. I now have seven installed operating system configurations in my office, and it isn't nearly enough to see all of the problems we hit in field. Looking back at my in-box this week is a reminder of how patient you all have been in trying test builds, sending log after log, helping get to the bottom of some very tricky issues.

Things are going to be a bit busy for the next few weeks - once I get back we'll be finishing up the last few bugs, so it will take a little while to get back to questions about scenery, plugins, etc.

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