Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Catalyst Drivers - Get 9-1

A number of users have confirmed that the new ATI Catalyst 9-1 drivers fix the artifacts introduced with the 8-12 drivers!  No need to stay back on the 8-11  drivers any more.

It's nice to have this bug fixed - long time X-Plane users saw this as soon as they updated from 8-11 to 8-12 - they updated drivers and the sim got weird looking, so they just rolled their drivers back.

But a number of MSFS users have tried the X-Plane demo for the first time using 8-12 drivers and wondered how we could ship such a lousy product.  The key, of course, is that MSFS uses DirectX drivers, while X-Plane uses OpenGL drivers, so the 8-12 drivers affected X-Plane but not MSFS.

I've been poking at the FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE messages that some people get.  The best I have so far is: run with --no_fbos and --no_glsl (learn how here).  If you get this card and you have 2 GB of RAM, consider turning your rendering settings down a bit.

And 930?  I got my last beta stopper fixed today, so it's time for a scotch!  I'll post more on the beta tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Love this blog!

Looking forward to hearing about 9.30

Vomit said...

My experience, at least on Linux, differs. The 8.9 release is the last where VBO's work. Screenshots and a full description/rant on the ATI bugzilla


Benjamin Supnik said...

Vomit - I think you are correct; perhaps the GL impementation in Linux is a different branch of code from Windows. Sorry, "Get 9-1" is definitely for windows users.