Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beta 6: Cockpit Chaos

The code that decides what parts of the plane get drawn in what views is, to put it midly, byzantine.  The code evolved, and in this process became more complex and convoluted.

One of the side effects was a series of bugs that couldn't easily be fixed - typically it was a case where some new piece of code had to do some drawing, but the decisions on how to draw were being made by legacy code that had no business making those decisions.

So for beta 6 I rewrote that code.

Here's what this means: if your airplane starts showing the wrong "stuff" in various views in beta 6, please send me the plane, and a description of what it does in 922 and 930b6.

The risk is that I may have missed some of the quirkier behaviors that 922 was capable of.  My goal is to have 922's behavior, but with clean code.  So if things changed, please let me know!


Paploo said...

Hey Ben. This could explain why transparent cockpit panel no longer works for me in beta 6; the hook for that feature isn't getting called anymore?

Otherwise the cockpit in the plane I flew last night seemed to look the same as in betas 1-5.

Benjamin Supnik said...

Paploo and everyone else:

PLEASE FILE BUGS! You can't attach files to this blog, so it's not a good place to report anything.