Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Modern Cessna

With X-Plane 930 beta 8, we finally integrated the latest version of Max's Cessna 172 SP. Grab the new beta and try it - he's added a number of new features that demonstrate some of the newer X-Plane 9 airplane features.
  • Real 3-d lighting in the 3-d cockpit. Note how the map light tends to illuminate only some of the cockpit as it fades out.
  • 2-d back-lighting on all of the major steam gauges.
  • A bunch of parts can now be dragged in 3-d, including the door handles. This is done via manipulators.
  • Walls! In 3-d cockpit viewer mode you won't be able to leave the airplane until you actually open the doors. The cockpit viewpoint is constrained.
  • The model has the glass parts separated out for correct shadowing, and the glass works correctly from all viewpoints.
  • Panel uses cockpit regions for accurate lighting.
The cirrus jet has been similarly updated. I plan to use the Cessna for a series of tutorials showing how to use these recent X-Plane features.


Anonymous said...

Which Max are you referring to? DMax? you mean the guy who owns the site http://www.dmax.it/home/ ?

Benjamin Supnik said...

Yes - dmax! :-)

Felis said...

hm. tried to make 3D lights same way as it makes in this Cessna - and nothing work. may be i miss something?