Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plugin Broken? It's Temporary

I just found out from a user that Chase View Delux doesn't work with X-Plane 940 beta 4. Here's what's going on:
  • Plugins often end up running X-Plane code - when you make a call to the X-Plane SDK, the SDK sometimes passes the call right to X-Plane.
  • X-Plane 940 beta 4 has heavy error checking on all of the X-Plane code.
Put these together and...X-Plane 940 beta 4 is putting heavy checking on plugins that wasn't there before.

Typically the kinds of problems caught by the error-checking code inside a plugin are not critical, but aren't bad things for authors to fix. Since we will turn off heavy error checking as soon as we get the systems code fixed, plugins will start working again..there's no need for plugin authors to recut anything.

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