Monday, September 14, 2009

Removing Third Parties is a Diagnostic Test, Not a Cure!

In response to so many bug reports I say:
Please temporarily remove your third party scenery, airplanes and plugins and retry. Do you still see this bug?
And in response I get:
No - the bug was with XXX. Thanks!
But...but...but...we're not done yet! The point of removing the third party add-on is divide-and-conquer: to see if the bug is in the core of X-Plane or is caused by an X-Plane-add-on interaction.

If the add-on used to work but no longer does, I want to know where I can get the add-on, who created it, and when it used to work, so I can investigate further! If an add-on stops working because X-Plane was updated and the add-on is not doing anything naughty, that is still an X-Plane bug.

So please: don't give up on the bug just because removing the add-on makes it go away...there is still more to debug!

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