Sunday, October 11, 2009

WED - Click to Split

This feature is not in the WED developer preview (because I just coded it) but: WED 1.1 will feature "click-to-split" for edges. With WED 1.1 you can option-click the edge of a polygon or line feature (but not a must-be-straight entity like a runway) to insert and drag a split point.

This will hopefully be a lot easier than the current, convoluted, WED 1.0 technique of selecting the two surrounding vertices and picking "split", then repositioning the vertex.

Hackers: this features is not yet checked into the tree, so ... building from source won't help you. It'll be available some time in the next week.


Andrew Luecke said...


I'm a user from Australia, and would like to know when WED will support a mapping service other then Terraserver (which appears to be US only).

Unfortunately, here in Australia, X-plane usage is almost non-existant. The main reason is because the scenary is unusable here (try navigating without instruments, and you'll be filling in a virtual incident report to CASA before you bat an eyelid).

Unusable scenary is caused however, because the tools to create the scenary in Australia are also problematic.

WED only allows Terraserver to be used as a satelite service (which is unusable in Aus). Whilst we can use photos from other services, the photos must be aligned and such (which is a pain). The integration of an International satellite service would make it much easier to add new airports and VFR features, and even open scenery development to newbies. Ideally, I would like to see the process be made easy enough that the Australian community can collaborate and work on free, but highly accurate scenary.

In fact, with the integration of OpenStreetmaps too, we could go about creating cities that are as accurate as our maps (and are accurate down to the "house" level in some places.

I think this would be enough to really kick off scenary development in Australia, and start a push from FSX to X-Plane in Australia ;)


Benjamin Supnik said...


Not sure when I'll get WMS in but I do know it is useful - it's on my radar. File a feature-request bug in the SCENERY TOOLS bug base and include working WMS settings + an airport ICAO that could be use to test such a feature (e.g. here's an airport in Australia, here's a WMS that provides high quality coverage of the underlying aera).

Benjamin Supnik said...

Also: Andrew, please don't double-post comments...all comments are moderated for spam, so it'll take a little while for them to show up.

Ainhoa. said...

Hey there! I checked your blog and liked it a lot! I see you're very handy with WED... well, if you could help me, I've got a doubt. I've created a runway with WED but I can't get to see the approach lights of one of its headings on X-Plane when it's dark. I've tried laying a grass-taxiway beneath the entire airport and trying many exclusions on Overlay Editor. Have you any clues on what's causing me this trouble? Thanks in advance.