Saturday, February 06, 2010

945 Is Here

A few days ago Austin made the recently cut X-Plane 9.45 "final" - that is, it is now the version you get when you update or grab a demo. This (hopefully) ends a sequence of 940 patches that represented a mix of fixing last-minute bugs and breaking and then fixing the throttles for a few add-on airplanes.

As always, if your add-on worked in an older version 9 but is broken in 945, please let us know. I believe the compatibility situation with 9.45 is pretty good though.

Will there be a 9.46? I don't know, but I think the answer is: "probably". I found a driver bug (occurs only on OS X) we can work around a few days after 9.45 was cut. We maintain a list of fixes, and when it starts to add up, we'll cut a new patch to address them. Normally a driver bug would get a patch immediately, but from what we can tell, this one is very rare, so we're not going to fire-drill and cut a new patch 1 day after 9.45 went final.

What kinds of bug fixes make it into these "bug fix patches"? To give an example, I received a report that the "clipping" checkbox on instruments is not preserved when you export an instrument as a text file. That's the kind of thing we'll fix in a patch, but we won't cut a new patch immediately for.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

sorry to ask, but "export an instrument as a text file" ?? How are we supposed to do that ? Seems I missed a new function.


Benjamin Supnik said...

You have to bind a key to the keyboard command to do it.

The import panel function will take either an ACF or one of the new .txt files.

Albert said...

Hi Ben,

Can you confirm X-Plane 9.45 is a "final" version?



ana said...

Do you know if this is fixed yet?