Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dispelling Rumors

There may be new apt.dat features in a future version of X-Plane. I really can't comment on what will be in future releases. But I can ssure you this much:

You will not have to change existing scenery to work with the new version of X-Plane! No upgrade will be required.

When we introduced DSFs we continued to support ENVs; when we introduced OBJ8 we continued to support OBj7 (and OBJ2!)...whatever we do to the apt.dat file, whether it be a new version or just new features, X-Plane will continue to work with existing apt.dat files as it always has.

Austin announced that X-Plane runs on Intel-based Macintoshes, and Steve Jobs announced that the Intel-based iMacs are 2-to-3 times as iMac G5s. But here's the catch:

X-Plane 832 is not a universal binary - it has no native Intel code in it. So it runs under emulation on the Intel-based Macintoshes, which really hurts performance. So do not expect god framerates on Intel Macintoshes in 832 - you'll have to wait for a universal binary version of X-plane for that.

Hopefully I've dispelled some rumors. This won't dispell anything, but..I am writing this post from Cupertino.

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