Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The war on .ter files

I've been getting a lot of bug reports where X-Plane quits with a message about a missing .ter file. The problem is almost always installation related:

The only X-System folders that can support global scenery DSFs are the ones that started from the X-Plane global scenery DVDs.

Therefore if you want to use X-Plane 832 with global scenery, you must first install X-Plane 821, then run the updater to upgrade to 832.

If you simply start with 832 and try to copy files then you may miss some of the artwork and the missing .ter file message will appear. I will try to improve the error message with some clear instructions in the future, but only a proper install can remedy the situation.


Anonymous said...

That's not right, I have version 8.0 and everything worked with the full global updated, now after downloading and intalling you update to 8.5 I can only fly in the USA, Have I spent money on a lemon? as I have reinstalled program, all global updates then several times updated to 8.5, Something is wrong or missing in the 8.5 update hundreds of forums say so, and do us all a favor not everyone is on the internet release a update for downloading 1 time only not having to do it 7 times like in my case.

Benjamin Supnik said...


Please contact Randy, our tech support guy at info at x-plane dot com. He will walk you through an update process that will allow you to use whatever scenery you have purchased. If you bought X-Plane you are entitled to this support, and he will work to make sure you can use the sim with the free updates!