Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm back and the sim is still slow - what happened?

I'm back from a week's vacation in the mountains - having access to no digital devices is so refreshing!

We're still working on optimizing the planet code; until this is done we won't have the best possible framerates in 850. So even with beta 7 I think there will still be some improvements we haven't gotten to yet.


bokepacha said...

Hi Ben, what do you think about final framerates for this version?. Do you think the pc needed for 850 will be bigger? a little bigger?. Which is your goal? I assume you all dont want the same framerates (well you want it, but its nearly impossible according to the new rendering) but the final hit you want for the RC versions will be of...maybe 2 or 3 frames? (well maybe 3 frames is too much).

Thanks for your work, I was a little bit disssapointed with V8, but 8.50 is giving me some fresh air.

Benjamin Supnik said...

My hope is that, with new features off, the frame-rate of X-Plane 850 will be no more than 5% slower than 840. The reason I think we'll have a slight hit is that we are draw a little bit more than before to fix some graphic bugs from 840.

bokepacha said...

5% slower with all new features off? so with all this stuff included the hit will be reasonable, really? In the other way I think the difference between orbital render and the dsf we are flying on will be more difuse, becaue you can see big "squares" at the end of your view.

Thanks for the info Ben