Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scenery Tools Release

I have posted the first "combined" scenery tools release. Basically ObjView, ObjConverter, and DSF2Text (now named DSFTool) are packaged together with DDSTool (for making DDS images from PNGs) and the new MeshTool (for making base meshes); a UI application called XGrinder provides drag & drop support for most of the converters.

The tools releases will be by month (e.g. March 2008) and each release will contain the latest for all of the tools in the release. WED and the AC3D plugin will continue to be separate downloads.

I have also posted another snapshot of the source code, and generally I'll try to do a source code post whenever I do a tools post to keep the two in sync.

The AC3D plugin has been updated; I hope to have a new WED posted in the next few days.

1 comment:

Peter Meininger said...

Hi Ben,
I just noticed that when you drop a 3DS file onto X-Grinder you need to make sure that the file extension is in lower case. .3ds works, .3DS doesn't

I haven't verified any other formats yet :-)