Thursday, April 24, 2008

901RC1 Already? Try it!

Well, the paint is barely dry and we already have an X-Plane 9.01 RC1. Here's what's going on and how you can try it.

9.01 is the first of what may be a few small internationalization and localization patches. 9.01 adds German localization and updates the French strings. 9.01 also has a handful of very minor bugs; Austin will probably post the bug list shortly. 9.01 is already RC because the code changes are really minor.

After 9.01 we'll do another localization patch (probably in the next month) that will include unicode and true-type font support. That build (902? 905? Who can guess what number Austin will pick!) will probably have a formally named beta because the unicode changes are extensive.

900r3 is still the latest final build and it's what you get if you update your copy or run the web demo installer.

To get 901r1, go to the updater options and check "get betas"; update your sim and 901r1 will be downloaded. Please try it!

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Photos said...

Hi Ben,

I don't wanna try a new beta if you only tell us, some bugs corrected. Why don't you have a detailled list It's maybe more easy to see if it's well fixed for everyone.