Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Need to Repurchase

I think Austin has made this clear, but...
IF you got x-plane 9.00 BETA, then you do NOT need buy version 9.00 final... if you just run the updater, then it will UPDATE your beta TO the final version.. there is no need to make another purchase.

BUT, if you WANT to have the FINAL version on DVD for backup purposes, or to get the latest DVD INSTALLER, then you should re- purchase x-plane 9.00 now... though i do not recommend or suggest that at all... you just CAN, if you want the FINAL, NOT BETA, on DVD
The key equation here is:
Beta DVD + Web Updates = Final Sim
Everything that has changed from the beta DVD to the final DVD is available for free using the updater. If you want to buy more DVDs, Austin's not going to stop you, it's a free country. But we made sure that everything that was big and couldn't be downloaded would be there on the beta 1 DVD so that users could buy the beta DVD and have a complete sim.

So if you have a beta DVD, just use the updater to get the latest version (and RC3 is final, so if you have RC3, you're already done) and you're all set.

(Am I beating this to death? Yes...but...people get very angry at the idea that their DVDs are "not the latest" - so we put a lot of effort into making sure that you can buy the DVD early on and still have the latest!)


Paploo said...

I would think that it would be good to note that even if you *did* have 900 final on DVD, 910 would be out very soon and you'd need to update anyway. So why does it matter if you are updating from a beta or not?

Of course, since this isn't a mailing list, I think only Ben is going to read my thought. :)

Benjamin Supnik said...


I have no idea if people read the comments here or not, but you are totally right...really there's no point in re-buying the DVDs...we make sure every patch is web-available because otherwise people would have to wait for the final version of v9 to buy. The betas are indeed no different!

Anton said...

Wasn't there a difference in where 9.00-final was going to place the default scenery? With respect to the Betas, I mean.

Benjamin Supnik said...


Sort of. The new installers put the global scenery in "Global Scenery", not in "Custom Scenery". This is actually a function of the installer that is on the DVD, but it is true that the final DVDs have the various new installers.

But...the sim will run equally well with the global scenery in either location; it expects both and will for the entire v9 run.

And if you really care, you can move it at your own risk (but I don't recommend it!!)