Saturday, May 03, 2008

901 - Stealth Release

901 is out now...basically it's just 900 + French and German localizations. Also a few minor tweaks:
  • We added a few datarefs and commands by request - check DataRefs.txt.
  • The plugin font size is back to 6 pixels, like v8. It looks a bit ugly now, but we'll put a new font in place soon. The important thing is: 6-pixel fonts for v8 and v9, so one plugin can operate everywhere.
  • A few plugin bug fixes - see the SDK known bugs page.
  • Linux won't complain if your disk is mounted as iso9660. Since the v9 final disks are all mastered as ISOs and not UDF, asking you to mount them as UDF is asking the impossible.
  • If you have a demo install, it will add the word "Demo" to its name in the startup screen. This is to help users with more than one install identify which one they are running.
If this all seems minor and tweaky, well, it is. The main point of 901 was to get the localizations in. In the future we'll have a feature patch that brings new airplane features in and other cool stuff.

901 is freely available using the X-Plane web updater...the download size is only about 14 MB.

Finally, I've posted all new DVD installer/updater/web demo installer apps - version 2.04 localizes to French and German too.


Peter Meininger said...

It would be really convenient if the file info for the X-Plane Application (on OS-X) would actually reflect the version number change.

My updated v9 still reports '9.00, Copyright 2008 Laminar Research' because the 'Info.plist' in the application package was not patched.


Benjamin Supnik said...

Peter, thanks for the heads up - this was a screw-up by us...basically the X-Code build process doesn't detect changes in the internal revision unless we explicitly smack it. I've been doing this on the Installer builds to get the version right; I will try to modify our build scripts to fix this.