Friday, July 04, 2008

Third Party Add-on Compatibility in 920

I am in Boston visiting family for the 4th of July, so there are a few compatibility bugs that I have seen but probably won't be able to fix for a few days. Austin is still cranking out betas. So if new betas come out and these are not fixed, don't panic - they are definitely on my todo list.
  • Sceneries converted via FS2XPlane crash on load. It looks like this is due to a bug in the new threaded texture loader - I think you can work around this by turning off "load scenery in the background" in the rendering settings (but then loads will be slow). I have found the area where the bug occurs but haven't isolated it.
  • A user submitted a plane to us that crashes Plane-Maker on open - the panel code gets confused. I haven't isolated it yet. If you have planes you've made, save the pre-920 versions!
  • I think Benedikt's x737 plugin should start working again in beta 2.

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AWC said...

Sceneries converted via FS2XPlane crash on load.even with "load scenery in the background" turned off