Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bad Alloc, New Patch, New Installers

The 921 patch is now available. This fixes the bad-alloc problems relating to complex airports.

Please note: if you have a bad-alloc crash, it could be because you are out of memory. Make sure you have virtual memory turned on, your page file is large enough, your disk isn't full, etc. If you have a bad alloc error, try the sim without third party add-ons to see if you really are running out of memory. If you are running Vista or XP, use /3GB or the BCD - see this for more info. Basically when you are running out of memory, you either can crash on "bad alloc" if we need memory for the CPU or "we ran out of video card memory" if we can't map geometry into virtual memory.

If you get a crash with 921 on OS X, please let me know by email! I've seen one of these reports.

I also have cuts of the new installer/updater suite, version 2.05 - if you are going to update, tryo ne of these:

The main features of the new installer are:
  • Support for French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian.
  • Clearer colors on the world map.
  • Scanning the global scenery folder to add/remove scenery is much faster.
I recommedn the new installers for that last point alone.

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Anonymous said...

yeah I run vista 32bt. and nvidia 8600 with 3gb ram I was getting bad alloc crashes but it turned out to be an older version of XSB causing the crash. updating to a newer version of the plugin solved the problem/ x-plane ran just fine on it's own.