Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Patches, Patches, Patches

There are a lot of patches coming out soon:
  • 921rc1 - this is a patch on 920 to fix the bad-alloc crash.
  • 921rc2 - same as 921rc1, but with some improvements to the translations.
Why two patches in a row? Basically we did 921 rc1 a while ago, but Austin's net connection got hit by lightning. He's on a, um, "borrowed" wifi signal right now, and it isn't real strong, so the 921 patch is just taking forever to post. It's equally likely that we skip straight to 921 rc2 because we can get the translation improvements done before we even get the patch up on the server.

Now regarding French: first I must say thank you to Daniel, who is helping us with the translation...we've been behind schedule, and his helping us with a big block of strings is a real life saver. I must also thank my wife, who was also up pretty late working on some strings. 921 rc2 will address all other languages; we'll do a new patch once we have complete a French translation. If this is soon, that could be 922 (another patch). If it takes a while, it'll be part of 930 (which will have new features). Time will tell!

There is also an update coming out for the iphone soon - improvements to the UI and some framerate improvements. I believe that the iTunes store should make downloading the update pretty seamless.

After all this patching, we're on to 930. I'm not entirely sure what will be in 930 yet, but I have already made some rendering engine changes for 930 that improve framerate.

EDIT: 921r1 is now up as a beta - so you can get it if you set your installer to "get betas". If you have the bad_alloc crash, try this beta.

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