Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Installers

The 2.05 installer is now released - this is a multi-language update that fixes a few bugs and makes the map interface more usable. If you have existing DVDs, you may want to use the new 2.05 DVD installer because it scans the scenery folder very quickly when you pick "add-remove scenery".

(The old installer would check the signatures of all scenery files - this one simply checks whether they exist.)

No URLs have changed - installers will always have the same file names and live at the same URLs; you can pick "Get Info" or "Properties" to tell their version (or run with --version on Linux).

I have a ton of emails I need to get through, so if you emailed me, I do apologize; I will try to clean out the pending tech support issues, etc. in the next week.

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