Monday, November 03, 2008

Out of the Office

Starting Wednesday I will be out of the office - Lori and I are going on a 2+ week trip to India!

So first, the obvious: your comments to the blog won't show up until I get back and can moderate them. Similarly, I will be even less on email than I am now. I am trying to dig out my tech support emails as much as possible before I go!

I will announce this before I go: I finally got an end-to-end render of a global scenery tile using CGAL 3.3.1. Andrew did the original work on this, modifying parts of the scenery generation code to handle his NZ scenery. I've been working on the rest of the algorithms and finished it today.

This doesn't mean very much immediately, but it...
  • Will fix the instability bugs in MeshTool.
  • Will address missing antennas and obstacles in the global scenery.
  • Provides a solid basis for building scenery out of just about any kind of data.
  • Provides a bunch of nice tools for writing better algorithms, which means nicer looking scenery.
The next steps will probably be to create a new release of the tool set, including perhaps a bug-fixed Mesh Tool, etc.

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