Saturday, May 02, 2009

Viva La France!

This year Austin, Sergio and I will be attending the X-Plane 09 Conference this year, near Paris. I am excited by the turn-out - a number of people in the X-Plane community who all do great work will be there, in some cases meeting each other in person for the first time. And there will be cheese!

The conference is officially French, and I must admit, I don't speak a word of the stuff. Fortunately, my beautiful and very patient wife will be there, and she speaks French quite well. So I have asked her to translate the rest of this blog post - a greeting to my French readers.
Bonjour. Ecoutez: Ben croit que je traduis le reste de son article sur ce blog, mais il ne parle pas du tout le français. Lorsqu'on était à Cannes, il a essayé d'apprendre à dire "Le chat est sur la chaise" - ce qui lui a fallu deux semaines! Donc il n'a aucune idée de ce que je suis en train d'écrire, et il ne saura pas non plus si traduis sa présentation correctement ou non.

Lorsqu'il commence sa présentation, je vous expliquerai toutes ses mauvaises habitudes. Est-ce que vous l'avez vu travailler? C'est tellement bizarre! D'habitude il ne porte pas de pantalon. Il s'asseoit devant l'ordinateur en buvant du café et en maudissant les "DSFs" - qu'est-ce que c'est? Je lui ai dit qu'il faut porter un pantalon à la conférence.
I am a very lucky man! I will see you all there.


Michael said...

Definitely the funniest post I've seen on this blog. I hope your presentation is as good, although I won't be able to be there....

Paploo said...

Haha... great post from your wife there Ben. :) My French is really weak, but I got a few gems out of it. (I knew it'd be worth the effort when it starts with "Hello. Listen: Ben believes...").

P.S. - You may want to start wearing pants. :)

alpilotx said...

Lol :-) But you know, I will be in the same boat as you when it comes to speaking/understanding the main language of the conference. But what the heck ... what counts is to finally meet in person and have a good time ;-) And just let Lori do the official part ;-).

rhaselbacher said...

I talk swahili.

Anonymous said...


I don't speak french either and live in France ;) Don't worry too much.

Its great that this event happens so close to my location. See you there!


Anonymous said...

Well, Lori won't be translating my PowerPoint slides for France!

- Robin

Anonymous said...

Although I live in Paris, I won't be able to attend the conference this year. Hopefully you'll all have a great time there. Just don't forget to put your trousers on :b

sgabriel said...

Damn, Ben (et marie), that was funny. Thanks for making my day.

There is humour yet in X-Plane land!

José-Luis said...

I must confess I nearly suffocated because of so much laughing !!! :P

Why ?

I read this really funny blog entry ... and my eyes came upon the previous one ... "I Lost My Objects"

it triggered some "hilarious explosion" in me :DDDD

Thank you so much for this great laugh time :)

Hope every one attending this event enjoy its trip and stay in France.

Kisses (no, not what the rest of the world call the "french one" :P ;) ) from France,