Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who Are You?

Today Lori and I head to France - we will do a bit of site-seeing before the conference, and then Austin and I will go to Italy to work with Sergio.

So first, my email connectivity will be dubious at best for almost an entire month - if you send me a bug report and hear nothing for several weeks, you're just going to have to wait...our internet connection in Italy doesn't really deserve the name "internet connection", and often doesn't work at all. (If you need tech support, contact info at x-plane dot com - you should not be trying to reach me for tech support in the first place!)

I fixed a number of beta bugs this week; Austin will probably cut beta 11 before the conference, and then there will be a pause while we're off the net.  Once we get back, hopefully we can kill 930 off.  (Most of the crash reports I've received turn out to be a single bug in the OBJ-handling code, fixed in beta 11, so hopefully the next beta will be stable.)

Now here is my request to everyone at the conference: please ... go easy on me if I cannot remember who you are.

The tricky thing about a conference like this is that I mostly know people in the X-Plane community by an email address; if I see a face it is only once every few years.  So if I jumble who you are, what you look like, and what you do with X-Plane, I apologize in advance.  It is not a reflection on the merits of what you do, but rather an indication of the disorganized state of my (soon-to-be-jet-lagged) brain.


Paploo said...

It's kind of like when I was a physics TA at UCSB. I am so bad with names that, despite *wanting* to know all my student's names, I'd never remember the names of half the class, and take 5 weeks to learn the other half.

Beber said...

I would like to have a disorganized brain like your ;-)...

See you