Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Wife's Technology Predictions

With a new year and CES upon us, it's go time for pundits to predict the future of the technology industry. Lori considered the question of how technology might affect X-Plane and pronounced:
Pixel shaders will get shadier.
I think she is right. It is only a question of how long until they are so shady that they are basically pitch black. (At that point, I expect a significant boost in framerates!)


alpilotx said...

And what does this mean for vertex shaders? Would the same analogy go for them too ;-) ??? But they can't turn pitch black ... but maybe result in a "pitch flat" terrain ???

Austin said...

Ben, would it be possible for you to stop writing blog posts and get back to work now? Thanks.

Jack Skieczius said...

LOL, yeah Ben do as austin says.

love this blog btw.

I want real time reflections on aircraft please :P