Monday, January 25, 2010

Yet Another Tools Update

A few quick notes on the various betas floating around:
  • X-Plane: with the 9.4x series we are trying to fix small one-off bugs and improve stability. The BK-117's throttles will be fixed in the next beta, and we fixed a crash with a third party orthophoto scenery pack.

    This goes for any beta, but: if you have an add-on that used to work on an older build (especially 940) and it does not work, please report this immediately! There are no intentional add-on compatibility breaks in this patch.

  • WorldEditor: apparently developer preview 2 doesn't contain the latest texture coordinate editor (TCE) code, so I will try to cut a preview 3 soon. The texture coordinate editor is a new small editor that lets you specify the texture placement on draped polygons. This facility lets you create custom markings. (The current TCE in preview 2 apparently doesn't have snap to grid and a few other useful features.)

    What's holding us back from a real beta? The problem is that the DSF export of draped polygons cannot split bezier curved polygons (especially with texture coordinates) across the boundaries of DSF tiles. Since I don't have an algorithm implementation for this yet, I'm not sure how soon I will be able to fix it. For now, don't try to export a DSF polygon that spans DSF tiles.

  • MeshTool 2: beta 4 seems to be a keeper. I hope to cut an RC some time in the next week. (You can see the results of MeshTool 2.0 in these FranceVFR preview pics.)

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Olexia said...

Hello Ben,

I am assuming that the way the XP France team implemented water, with the photo textures visible through the water surface, can be done in the new MeshTool- correct?