Saturday, March 06, 2010

On the Road a Lot

I've been on the road a lot for work, so my apologies to everyone whose email I am sitting on. Most of my time these days is being spent on new next-gen tech. But there are a few things I'm hoping to get done in the short term:
  1. Cut a new time-demo test. This might seem like a low priority item, but it's not. Apple, ATI and NVidia all run continuous automatic tests of their video drivers, with many applications and games. They have rooms full of computers that continuously run through 3 minute sections of Quake and Call of Duty, etc. If they introduce a driver bug while doing new development, these machines catch the problem immediately.

    The new time demo (based on 945) will have a number of features to make X-Plane a more useful test case. If we can make X-Plane into a test case, then they can catch bugs early, and that means you don't have to see them.

  2. Bring WED 1.1 to beta. The only thing holding it back is the DSF exporter, and I did have about two hours to poke at it last week. I'm hoping if I can find just a few more hours, I can finish off the exporter.

  3. Examine 950 bugs. I have half a dozen bug reports against 950 beta 1. 950 will be a small beta but also a slow one, because Austin and I have a lot of other things on our plates. If you haven't heard back from me on a bug report, probably it's still on my to-do list.

We'll see how much of that I can get to in the next week.

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