Tuesday, March 02, 2010

WorldEditor Export: File a Bug!

There's basically one reason why WorldEditor developer preview 2 is a "developer preview" and not a real beta: the DSF overlay export code isn't complete.

The problem is that, unlike an airport, an overlay has to be "cut" to the DSF tile boundaries. This is made slightly tricky by the fact that the overlay can have (1) bezier curved segments and (2) a UV map on those segments. My existing toolkit of polygon editing routines doesn't handle this case yet.

I have no idea when I will have time to complete this code. It is the number one piece of code that, if I had a quiet single afternoon of unexpected time to code, I'd pound it out. If I were stuck in an airport with my laptop, I'd pound it out. It should give you some idea of how busy things are that it still isn't done.

In the meantime, there is the scenery tools bugbase. By filing a bug, your issue won't get lost even if it's a while before I get to it.

A few quick rants about the bug base:
  • Most likely the first thing I'll do when I do get to your bug is just ask you for more info. Consider the bug to be as much a business card so I can make contact as well as a bug report.
  • Some bugs may get kicked out.
  • Do not file X-Plane bugs in the scenery tools bug base! The scenery tools bug base is not where we store sim bugs.
Do not bother to ask for direct bug base access for X-Plane itself. You cannot have it. The ratio of submitted "bugs" for X-Plane to actual bugs is at least 10:1. That is, 90% of you think that you should file a bug when you have a tech support question. Now you might be in that 10% (particularly if you've made it all the way down to this blog post), but we can't set up open infrastructure with those numbers. My hope is that the scenery tools are self-selecting to the point where people who are using developer-preview tools know what a bug report is.

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Arista said...

Maybe some kind of read-only bug tracker for X-Plane itself would be valuable - or at least interesting. Especially if you get a lot of duplicate bug reports.