Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Airplanes

Quick airplane links:
  • Carenado's Mooney M20 J is out, available on the store.
  • Javier's T34c Mentor is out, available at
Pictures available in both links.


Pat said...

Ben! We are totally drooling for X-plane 10 news. Please keep us updated with something. Just anything! I'm going nuts not hearing anything new for so long..

Jack Skieczius said...

The mentor is awesome! Picked her up last night, and i just went all out nutz with her. she truly is a performance aircraft.

Darrick said...

Silence usually means crunch time. Take heart Pat!

Darrick said...

A Plane Maker Dev Suggestion..

I know that 3d object creation is not your focus in PM, and given that other 3d tools do it better, please give us the ability to use blender/etc to not only create obj parts, but to create the actual physics calculated non-.obj fuselage shapes as well. Wings and control surface tools are fine in PM, but trying to build a fuse shape from cross sections, without proper axis constraints, or cross-section locking is maddening. Let us work with the properly sided, low poly shape in blender, then kick it out to PM...Or update PM's tools to include more standard 3d editing features.

I know this is probably the wrong place, and the wrong time in the dev cycle, but thank you for listening to my rant all the same.
Keep up the fantastic work.


Darrick said...

I should have been more thoughtful in my suggestions. Please consider the Plane Maker comments ideas for X-Plane 11. I know you guys have your hands full with all that needs to be done, and I'm confident that in the end we will all be able to enjoy an awesome sim as a result.

Good luck in the days to come. You'll be in good company on my short must-buy list!

simmo said...

Ben, how much better is it going to get?Sheesh, with the mentor and Rexplane combo, it already feels like nextgen !