Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I Recognize That Scenery

Thanks to Dominic for sending me this link...these guys are building an airship^H^H^H^H^Hhover^H^H^H^H, well, it's weird looking. Hrm...that airport they're landing at in the simulator looks strangely familiar.


naoliv said...

ben i dont know if you can comment this but what do you think about this and
will xplane10 use something like this since austin said that the cities wont use texture
will it be efficient and faster than now?

Benjamin Supnik said...


Our next-gen city tech is not related to this.

Dave Duck said...

Ben, will the ability to add/activate scenery packages on-the-fly be introduced in the ver 10 run? Is it under consideration at all?

Many of us have several GB of addons. It's just not feasible to start XP with them all in the Custom Scenery folder. Yet often we want to fly elsewhere on a whim. Forcing a restart to accommodate the addition of new custom scenery has always been a pain.


Benjamin Supnik said...

It's on the list of things to look at post 10.0 ship...things in that bucket will have to be analyzed once we get the current work shipped.

Arista said...

To decrease "scenery enumeration" time at start-up, wouldn't it suffice to cache all the information currently collected about (custom) scenery at each start-up, and only re-enumerate the entire scenery folder(s) if its/their time stamp has changed? If the time stamps haven't changed, X-Plane could just read in the cache file and be done.

A more radical approach would be optionally loading scenery asynchronously at start-up as well, and showing a mostly blank (white/gray) world initially... ;-)

Anonymous said...

In x plane 9 miss grass effect,is ther in x plane10?

Benjamin Supnik said...

I think the issue isn't performance, it's design assumptions...for example, how much code is in the sim that assumes that the airport index is immutable?