Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Various X-Plane 9 Bug Fixes

A quick update on a few X-Plane 9 bug fixes we have in the works. We will hopefully cut a new beta of X-Plane 96x in the next few days.
  • Linux DVD recognition was unreliable and required work-arounds; my attempt to fix this in X-Plane 964 made this work, but we have a real fix.
  • We have a handful of hang-on-startup problems with NVidia cards and Windows 7. I am working directly with a few users to figure out what's going on, but I hope to have a work-around in a patch as soon as we ID it.
  • We have new installers that I need to roll into beta; they will address DVD location issues on Linux and also improve net performance.
The numbering scheme for v9 is a little bit odd at this point. Since we are putting so few changes into each build, Austin has been numbering them as "release candidates" - that is, 962 was final, then he cut a 964 and 965. 964 and 965 were both only available by checking "get betas", and both turned out to have defects. When 966 is ready, it will be available via "get betas", and we will promote it to a "real" release if it turns out our bug fixes actually fix things.

So: egg on my face for being 0 for 2 with 964 (in that both my QuickTime fix and Linux DVD fix actually made things worse).


simmo said...

Hopefully the video recording gets fixed too Ben- many of the betas fix my iPad issues. Then I find i can't use the QuickTime video recorder, so I go back to 9.62. Love EFIS!

Benjamin Supnik said...

yeah the QT fix is queued up...

Olivier said...

Can you list the new dataref included in those RC please ?
Looking for the DVD issue with Linux ;-)