Thursday, January 03, 2008

Beware the Forceware

Brett and a few other users pointed out to me that the nVidida ForceWare 169.21 release appears to hose video for X-Plane. If you have an nVidia card, don't update, or you may want to back up a version.

This kind of thing has happened in the past - hopefully a revision will come out fairly soon. (But I do not have contact with the nvidia driver team for Windows on this...)

Also some users are seeing corrupt startup screens with ATI hardware - apparently some configs don't react well to us turning vsync off. Not quite sure what we'll do about that yet, but hopefully a fix will be in the next few betas.


Anonymous said...

Do we know which prior version is "good" for nvidia? I am on 169.25, but have back-ups of all this year's prior driver releases.

- Robin

Anonymous said...

hi Ben,

I have a 8800GT and do have 169.21 since the day it got released and no issues at all, not with x-plane betas nor with anything else.

Kaminari said...

I have also noticed that the Catalyst 7.12 drivers completely trash the shaded water (on AGP cards at least). Reverting back to 7.10 or 7.11 fixes the problem.