Saturday, August 30, 2008

Engine Modeling and Autopilot

Two random and unrelated notes:

First, RC4 is going out as is, despite the engine modeling changes being incomplete. Basically we now have a more sane approach to the engines themselves, but no FADEC control. FADECs are on the short list for the next update. Sometimes we just run out of time - not every release can have everything.

Second, a note on autopilot customization - I am party to a fair number of questions about whether the plugin system can be used to make subtle changes to the autopilot logic. The answer is of course: no. If you really want something different for an autopilot, you'd have to replace the entire "top-half" set of logic and drive the flight directors yourself - in this situation you are responsible for:
  • All modes and mode changes based on conditions.
  • The actual selected flight envelope to achieve the desired AP setting.
But you are not responsible for driving the trim and yoke, which are done by you setting the flight director.

Why can't you just override one specific behavior? It's an issue of infrastructure.

Fundamentally, the autopilot only does a few certain tricks. If it were capable of doing customized behaviors, you'd already see it, in the form of a dataref or (more likely) a Plane-Maker setting. Basically there is no generality to the autopilot that we secretly have inside the code but don't expose.

Will there be a more general autopilot someday? Maybe - I don't know, I don't work on that code. But the plugin system has always aimed to make it possible to do anything, but not necessarily easy. In particular, the plugin system doesn't aim to make your development easier by recycling the simulator itself as a convenient library of lego bricks. In the end of the day, X-Plane is an application, not a library. If it were a library, that would be lots of fun for third parties, but it is not.

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