Saturday, August 16, 2008

Framebuffer Incomplete: I Need Your Help!

I believe I am getting close to a possible solution for the dreaded "Framebuffer Incomplete" errors - these error messages pop up when X-Plane starts, and you end up quitting.

If you meet these criteria, please contact me:
  1. You have an ATI card that has shown this error in the past.
  2. You can put on the latest Catalyst drivers. (I know a lot of you have put on older drivers to work around this.)
  3. You can run X-Plane 920 RC2.
If you're in this crew, please email me at my XSquawkBox email address!

The rub is: despite having four machines with ATI cards, I never see this error. So I need to send you a build to get close to a fix!!! Let's swat this bug for real!


roughneck said...

I'm having this problem with a radeon 9800 pro and the latest Catalyst drivers. I'm more than willing to try 920 RC2 - I just got the DVDs for 9.0 today and I hit this bug on the first launch and every on thereafter. I dropped down to 16 bit (@ 1600x1200) and it was able to start ok, but the framerate is seriously bad jerky and reporting 19fps.

I don't know what your email is, but feel free to contact me on nichenke at gmail dot com.

Alejandro Garcia said...

Yeah. I'm stucked since 9.00 beta2 when my x-plane arrived. I have a brand new quadcore just bought for the sim and I can't move it with more than 23 fps with an ati hd3870 512 gddr4. I never fullfill the memory of the videocard but it dies with every movement.

Benjamin Supnik said...


9.00b2? You need to update to X-plane final. If you cannot do that for some reason, Please contact x-Plane tech support and they will help you.