Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bug Fixes in the Pipeline

A few things are in the works:
  • The X-Plane messaging system, which checks for updates, can hang up if DNS isn't available. I should have fixed this a lot sooner, but this will be addressed in a very small 9.22 patch, in the process of being built now.
  • 9.22 will also include Robin's latest apt and nav data.
  • For Linux users: 9.22 should work with threaded OpenGL on newer distros - thanks to Jan for sending me the code snippet to fix this!
And on the iphone front: the next X-Plane iphone free update should improve memory use during DSF load.  This in turn will hopefully address the application suddenly quitting on "loaded" iphones (that is, iphones with a lot of email accounts or other background tasks that use memory).  Memory was temporarily spiking as we optimized the DSF during load. I am not sure when this will make it to the iTunes store.

I am looking at OpenAL on Linux, but this will have to wait for 930 and a longer beta program. 922 will also not have a FADEC - 922 is a quick bug fix patch, not a feature release!


AWC said...

So are saying that acf that have FADEC now will not work on 922,it seems to work fine on recips right now-or will it be the same as 921?

Benjamin Supnik said...

AWC: no, sorry, that's not what I'm saying - my post was unclear.

922 will behave exactly the same as 921 regarding FADECs and other flight modeling/engine issues.

Austin previously posted that he is going to work on a more powerful way to simulate FADECs for airliners -- new functionality to allow airliner modelers to limit engine output at sea level, etc.

That new feature work is not happening in 922. But we didn't take away anything existing.