Saturday, December 20, 2008

Testing on Old Hardware

If you run X-Plane 9.21 (or 9.22) on a Macintosh with an old ATI or nVidia graphics card (with no pixel shaders), you somehow squeeze 25 fps out of X-Plane*, and you can try a test build, please email me.

Those cards include:
  • Radeon 7000-9200, inclusive.
  • GeForce 2, 3, or 4 series.
I have a change in the panel code that I need to performance test against older hardware!

* Basically you would have to really crank the settings down - but I think under some really baseline settings these machines might be able to run X-Plane 9 without fogging.


sothis said...

geforce 2, x-plane, 25fps? hehe, you're _very_ optimistic :D

AWC said...

Geforce 2 MX

I get 25 to 30 often.. depending on the aircraft and clouds.

Kevin said...

I would be willing to try a test build (I have a Radeon 9200), but I can't seem to find your email anywhere.

AWC said...

Well I emailed yet nothing-
is this still in the works or did I miss something somewhere?