Sunday, December 21, 2008

To Wiki

Thanks to those who replied to my previous post...and my decision is: to wiki.  It's relatively easy to make the Wiki look as good (and I use the term good loosely) as the non-Wiki scenery website. By comparison, it would be very complex to make the scenery web-site interactive and faster to update.  (And update ease is very important - one of the reasons why there is so little documentation on the scenery website is that it is so hard to document.) a beginning, I have reskinned the wiki.  (If you want the old look, create an account and pick the old skin, called "monobook" in your preferences.)  If you don't like the new look, you can send me a new style sheet or even an existing MediaWiki 1.9-compatible skin...I can install it and can select it in your preferences.

I have also installed some extensions that should help add additional flexibility (for example, the Wiki can now have image-based links).  Over the next few days I will try to clean up the front page a bit to provide a clearer navigation structure.

One thing we will need on the Wiki is...WikiGnomes - that is, users who help to organize and polish the content for readability.

In the long term, I would like to migrate to the Wiki.  But for now that is lower priority than creating new documentation.

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Bold & Courageous said...

I will do my best to make the blog easily readable.

Gnome what I'm saying?