Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Scenery Tools Bug Base

I have set up a public bug database for the scenery tools. The reason is that I don't have much continuous time to work on the scenery tools - it's very stop and go and will be for a while. The bug base lets you create a permanent record of a problem that I can't lose track of in the heat of whatever is on fire today.

WED is almost ready for a beta, but I am just completely swamped with work right now...for WED 1.0 I worked full time on fixing WED bugs for a significant time when WED went beta; this time around I won't have that kind of time - at least not this year.

So...we'll see how the bug base works out. My hope is that I can post WED, put it down, and pick up work on it intermittently with the bug base providing a record of what remains to be done.

Regarding other tools, there will be at least one more MeshTool beta with an improved shapefile processing algorithm that will handle broken shapefiles better. The ac3d plugin has some bugs filed against it but it's possible that they'd be deferred past the 3.2 plugin.

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