Friday, July 31, 2009

Switch and Bail

I will be out of the office next week - it's August, time to head for the cell coverage, no internet, no computers, no mountains actually. (This is upstate New York...mountainous to someone from Boston but not mountains compared to what Sergio normally deals with.)

As you know, LR often shows stellar judgement in managing release risk. So in true X-Plane tradition, I swapped in the new revamped website last night, just in time to head for the hills and avoid the fall-out.

Here's the short version:
  • I am wicked stupid.
  • When I did the swap last night, I screwed up the files that manage the auto-update functionality, hosing the updater.
  • I fixed these files this afternoon, once the message got back to me.
So if you saw weird stuff happen with the updater or the sim last night, please try again - it should be fixed. If it is still broken, please send an email to Austin and myself - one of us will hopefully be around.

I have also reskinned and to match the new site. If you find artifacts in those two sub-sites, please email me - I'll fix it as soon as I can. The wiki site is a MediaWiki skin - it was pretty tricky to get it working, so it may be a bit before I work all the kinks out.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new website, looks great!

Kind regards, Matthew.

Anonymous said...

Holy awesomeness. The site looks great now!

Steve said...

Nice site, Ben. But our favorite application should *not* post a file not found error if Austin's chatty advertising is not available. That's pretty unpro. Forgiveness for a site swap goof - sure. But for leaving in a "feature" that has been unpopular with your user base for a long time is hard to comprehend.

Benjamin Supnik said...

Steve - I agree...and I must admit, I did not know it was going to pop that message until I broke the site. I'll have to fix that for 940.

Steve said...

Sometimes we learn things in the most unexpected ways. Thanks, Ben! Enjoy your vacation (Austin too...)!

Anonymous said...

The site looks great. It would be nice to have an RSS feed for new versions and other news items. It takes a couple of clicks now to get to the page with the current version info (it used to be on the front page), so it's a bit harder to check than it used to be. Anyway, just a thought.

Jim said...

Ben, all the PIREP links are not go. Think Austin will fix them ?


Have a good time in the WILD.